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This is the birding blog site of Rich Williams and Kathleen Fox-Williams. We love to watch and identify birds. At our ranch in Alpine County we have many species of birds that live here all year long. In the spring migratory birds start to arrive in late March to breed and nest in the wonderful riparian ecosystem of the West Fork of the Carson River and the Fredricksburg Ditch that border our property and in the surrounding fields of sagebrush and pastureland. We started taking images of the birds on our land and the surrounding area in 2011 to enhance our birding experience. We are amateurs and still learning how to get the best images of the birds we see. It’s a work in progress. We’ll continue to add images of new birds on this blog and replace existing images as we capture better ones.

In addition to still images we also capture and post videos. Some of these are fascinating and special. They show behavior and detail that you simply can’t capture in a single static image.

We started photographing  birds at other locations starting with a business/vacation trip to the Tuscon Arizona area in 2012. Southern Arizona is a special birding area in the United States. It is the very northernmost range of many exotic tropical and semi-tropical birds. We managed to add many new species of birds to our life lists and also to capture images and videos of some of them. We look forward to returning there sometime better prepared to get more images.

On another business/vacation trip to Florida we spent a week in the Keys and the Everglades where we added more birds to our life list and managed to image some of them as well.

In February of 2016 we are going on a two-week trip to the island of Cozumel and the Yucatan Peninsula. We will use the experience we’ve gained over the past several years to find and identify many new, exotic birds and capture images and videos of them to add to this blog.

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